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SEO for Website Redesign

We’re Your Website Migration Experts

Don’t Let a Redesign Hurt Your Organic Traffic

Your website’s organic equity is crucial to lead generation, sales, or advertising. It takes time to establish the search engine rankings that prospective clients or customers use to find your services or products.

Keep Your SEO When Changing Your Website

Whether you’re restructuring your site or moving to a new domain, we’re here to assist you with website migration and SEO solutions to prevent traffic and lead losses.

Expertise Specifically in Site Migrations

Maintaining and improving your site’s organic traffic and conversions is one of our specialties. We have helped to launch hundreds of sites within many industries. CMS (content management system) changes updates don’t scare us.

Mitigating the Risks

Redesigns and relaunches alter what search engines recognize about your site. Website migration with SEO best practices helps maintain your site’s organic visibility as you make changes, preserving click-through rates and lead generation during the transition and beyond.

At Clark Optimization, we work with businesses to make their sites more effective in Google and other search engines. But when on redesign projects, we go the extra mile to prevent sudden losses in traffic, leads, and sales during a website redesign. The goal is to redesign your website without losing your SEO gains.

Our Services

Our site migration SEO solutions include:

Depending on your site, you may need just some or all of the options above.

Contact us at steve @ or read on to learn more about the redesign process.

Specific Problems and Solutions

Website migration without SEO opens your website to a host of potential problems, all of which can hurt your bottom line.

Typical Culprits

Here are some of the things that can cause problems:

  • Changing the copy on your pages
  • Changing the directory structure
  • Overhauling the main navigation
  • Making the copy “shorter” in hopes of increasing conversions
  • Moving to a “blog” format
  • Changing domain names
  • Not maintaining existing meta data and page elements like H1 tags
  • Using brand new URLs
  • Reducing the amount of pages
  • Making more pages but with less content
  • Cheaper hosting
  • Javascript not rendering
  • Ignoring core web vitals
  • No documentation of website history
  • Unknown penalties
  • Incorrect server headings for 404 errors or redirects

The Right Way to Do Things

Like many things in SEO, it’s all about planning, research, documentation, communication, and attention to detail. This is the game plan for success (in a nutshell).

1. Audit the current site:

  • perform an organic health check for your current domain
  • backlink analysis
  • ranking report snapshot
  • site crawl data export

2. Discuss plans for your new site:

  • what’s the business strategy behind the redesign?
  • communicate with your developers – what technology will you use next?
  • what’s the timeline for launch, and how does our SEO review change that?

3. Next comes a technical review:

  • review mockups, WordPress themes, or staging environments
  • compare the new version to the old and highlight the differences
  • tell you what’s good about the old site and how to carry that over
  • tell you what’s bad about the old site and what to get rid of
  • offer data-driven advice about preserving pages with high search engine value
  • technical SEO audit

How do we know what advice to give you? That all becomes clear after performing our technical SEO audit of the new domain.

4. The audit looks at the following elements:

  • Meta data mapping
  • Web page elements review (headings, images, internal links)
  • URL updates
  • Information architecture review
  • Structured data
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Duplicate content
  • Analytics
  • XML sitemap
  • Robots.txt file

If the URLs are different, we also help you map search engine redirects by producing a spreadsheet with each old URL and the corresponding new URL to redirect to.

And after launch, if any problems arise, we’ll be on hand to help you find effective solutions.

Check our site migration checklist for more technical details about this process.

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Our site migration SEO experts are here to help you with your redesign and relaunch. Contact Clark Optimization to start the discussion about your website migration project. We’ll get in touch to discuss your current plan or help you recover organic traffic losses after a mismanaged relaunch. Let us show you how SEO best practices can help maintain and improve your website’s performance.

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