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SEO Website Strategy Audits

Stop guessing about your internet marketing strategies.

Let us tell you tell you exactly where you stand from an SEO perspective. We will tell you what you can rank for (what content you need and what you don’t) and review your competition.

You will know exactly what to focus on, and how to create qualified traffic immediately.

seo website audit

What Are the Benefits?

Our audit will provide a complete overview of your current SEO status.

It is more than just a technical review.

Unlike basic SEO audits, our SEO Website Strategy Audit will help you determine a clear path forward for continued growth.

Clark Optimization provides SEO strategy audits to evaluate your website’s performance, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and recommend improvements based on performance metrics.

We evaluate technical aspects, as well as on and off-page search engine optimization while following current SEO best practices, so your site can perform better and rank as it should.

Why Should You Do This?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my site fully site optimized?
  2. What’s working well right now on my site?
  3. How does my site compare to my competitors or similar sites?
  4. What should I do next to improve organic traffic?
  5. What new content should I create?

We will provide you with same insights and answers of a 6 to 12 month SEO engagement.

After working with us your priorities will become clear, and the next steps will be obvious. Then you can determine exactly how to spend your time and budget for maximum impact.

SEO Audit vs. SEO Campaign

Advantages of an Audit
If you need SEO help, an SEO Website Strategy Audit is the place to start. Don’t just jump into a long term SEO campaign. Our audits are designed to provide the same benefits of typical SEO agency engagements. The difference is that we can get you the answers you need in a shorter period of time. This saves time and money.


How Long Do They Take?
Depending on the size of your site, our audits can be completed in 45 days, sometimes less.

What Do I Get?

Deliverables & Documentation

    1. Technical Analysis Spreadsheet:
      Data from our analysis that looks at all of the major sections of your site

Example deliverable

    1. Keyword Gap Analysis Spreadsheet:
      A comparison of keyword rankings from your site and five competitors

Example deliverable

    1. Summary & Strategy Document:
      An easily digestible summary of our findings, with a step by step roadmap or action plan for next steps

Example deliverable

What Is the Process?

  1. Kickoff Call
  2. We begin working
  3. Half way through the process, we share with you what we have so far
  4. Delivery of the audit
  5. Audit Review Call
  6. Follow Up Emails

Do You Have Any Examples?

Yes, will be happy to supply you with samples from real clients that we have worked with.

How Much Do They Cost?

Our pricing is based on the size of the site.

  • Under 50 Pages: $5,000
  • Over 500 Pages: $10,000

Who Can Benefit from an Audit?

While an SEO audit can help anyone with a website, here are some specific cases where an audit would be especially appropriate.

In House SEO
You just started as an in-house SEO for a new company, or you are about to hire one. What should you do from day 1?

Digital Marketing Manager
You are responsible for your company’s organic growth. You need to show YOY revenue increases. What should your priorities be, and where should you allocate spending (more content, technical optimizations or link acquisition)?

Small Business Owner
You know SEO is important. You have a website, but you haven’t had a chance to dedicate enough time to it. As a SBO, you wear many hats and so it can be hard to carve out enough time to create a marketing strategy.

E-Commerce Manager
You’re running an online storefront with hundreds subcategories and thousands of PDPs. Should you create more PLPs or focus your effort on product pages?

Lead Generation Specialist
You need to fill the sales pipeline and generate results. How should you allocate your time for SEO? Our audit can help you cost effectively handle the SEO channel.

Agency Owner
You do web design and build websites for clients. You’re customers are asking for help with with SEO. We can be your white label SEO service.

Our SEO Website Strategy Audits will tell you exactly where to start and what to do next.

When Should I Do an Audit?

Search engine optimization begins when you first build your website, but following SEO best practices is an ongoing process. Periodic performance reviews are necessary to boost or maintain organic traffic and search engine ranking, which is why the analysis and insights provided by an SEO audit is crucial for your company’s success.

Why Is an SEO Audit Important?

Search engine optimization drives organic traffic to your site by making it visible on the results page. Website errors, broken links, and outdated content can result in fewer sales and leads. With an SEO audit, you can catch issues before they affect your bottom line. Google’s algorithm updates also affect ranking and performance, and periodic SEO audits help you keep up with the changes.

What Kind of Analysis Will You Do?

Our SEO audit checklist is an all-encompassing review of your website. We report page errors, make data-driven recommendations for changes, check for technical issues, and offer answers and solutions for current problems and future plans. A comprehensive SEO audit checklist evaluates the technical aspects of your site as well as images, written copy, and other content.

Technical Audit Components

The technical component of an SEO audit investigates whether or not search engines can crawl your website efficiently. We conduct a thorough evaluation to make sure your website’s performance and structure don’t affect optimization. Some of the technical aspects our SEO audit checklist covers include:

  • Load Speed
    Search engines prioritize user experience, which means links that load quickly tend to rank higher. Faster load times also encourage users to stay and explore websites, while slow pages frustrate visitors, often causing them to abandon a site altogether.
  • Errors and Redirects
    Redirects and 404 errors aggravate users and slow down your site. We make redirects part of our SEO audit checklist so you can catch website errors before they become roadblocks to conversion.
  • URLs & Site Architecture
    According to current SEO best practices, URLs should be short and descriptive, and websites should employ subfolders to make user navigation easier. We investigate the underlying structure of your site to find and fix URL and subfolder issues.
  • Search Engine Crawlability
    Ensuring that Google or Bing can crawl the parts of your website you want visitors to see, and avoid the pages you don’t, requires robust site mapping, indexing, and the use of robots.txt files as well as tags. Making sure the right parts of your website stay visible in search results is a crucial part of an SEO audit.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
    Recent research shows that more people search the internet with their phones rather than a desktop computer or laptop. Mobile-friendly web pages are part of our ultimate SEO audit checklist, and we’ll make sure your site looks great on any device.

On-Page SEO Audit Components

As the name suggests, on-page optimization concerns your website’s visible components, which includes written copy as well as images. When Clark Optimization’s SEO experts audit your website, we look at several factors that affect performance and your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs):

  • Images
    Adding alt text and using descriptive image file names increases your site’s accessibility for screen readers and boosts optimization by giving Google more information about the page and its content. We’ll also check image sizes, which can affect page load times, and recommend a compression plugin for your specific platform.
  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
    We’ll check your site’s title tags and meta descriptions to make sure they include keywords and align with search intent. Meta descriptions can be auto-generated by Google, and they don’t always show up in SERPs. However, keyword-rich snippets often boost click-through rates because they offer users more information about your page.
  • Schema Markup
    Missing or incorrect schema markup affects how your website link appears in search results. The markup for recipes, for example, ensures that an image, star rating, and preparation time accompany the link in SERPs, which gives users more information. Confirming that your site has the correct schema markup is part of our SEO audit checklist.
  • Headers
    Headers are the headlines of your website, enticing users to click and get more information. Your website’s headers should be working for you, not against you, so we’ll let you know which ones could use a keyword refresh or a re-write to align with search intent.
  • Keywords
    As Google’s algorithm evolves, so does keyword use. Old-school keyword-stuffing tactics can tank your SERP ranking. Our team will evaluate keywords used on your site and make recommendations based on SEO best practices.
  • Content
    We’ll also assess your website content to see if keywords read naturally within your copy. If creating keyword-rich blog posts or product descriptions is a struggle, our professional copywriting team can also provide custom content for your brand.
  • Internal Linking
    Jump links and deep linking make navigation easier, which is a crucial part of good user experience design. Our SEO team will examine internal link use across your site, checking for errors as well as missed opportunities.

Off-Page SEO Audit Components

Off-page optimization covers everything outside the structure, visual components, and written elements of your website. As part of our off-page SEO audit checklist, we’ll identify and examine your competitors and analyze your site’s backlinks.

  • Competitor Review
    An SEO audit from Clark Optimization delivers insights about your competition’s online presence as well as a sneak-peek into their optimization strategies. We’ll give you the inside scoop and help you come up with an effective SEO plan to help your brand outrank your rivals.
  • Backlinks
    Also called inbound links, backlinks occur when a reputable site links to content, like a blog post or infographic, on one of your pages. Search engines view inbound links from trustworthy domains as proof that your website is useful and credible. We’ll assess your inbound links and suggest SEO best practices to gain more or fix those that might harm your ranking in SERPs.

From an SEO Audit to Content Strategy

Once we’ve evaluated your website’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO, the team at Clark Optimization will work with you to fix errors, make improvements, and plan for the future. After we’ve collected, analyzed, and interpreted the data from our SEO audit checklist, we can help you create an action plan and content marketing strategy by setting priorities such as:

  • Improving SEO Ranking
    In addition to making technical and off-page improvements based on the results of our SEO audit, we’ll identify pages with the potential to rank within Google’s top ten search results and make recommendations for outdated content that needs a refresh.
  • Boosting Audience Engagement
    Clark Optimization can also help determine your target audience’s content preferences. Understanding your customers’ needs is crucial to selecting topics that drive organic traffic and creating copy that promotes engagement.
  • Increasing Conversion Rates
    We’ll analyze SEO, user behavior, engagement, and sales metrics to improve the buyer’s experience on your website. Whether those changes involve fixing site errors, re-writing product descriptions, or simply adding internal links to make navigation easier, we’ll show you the data to support every suggestion we make.

Learn more about the Content Creation Phase.

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