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Honored to be featured in Inside the Blueprint on CNBC

We have been selected to be featured on CNBC Business Channel’s Inside the Blueprint. Inside The Blueprint is an award-winning B2B TV series that airs nationally. Our company was selected as an industry leader in Search Engine Optimization for their local Tampa edition of the show. 

What We Do

The Clark Optimization team provides search engine optimization (SEO) services to clients in North America. Only SEO. We are specialists. SEO and organic customer acquisition are our only focus. This is what sets us apart from big agencies. We do not believe that you can be great at SEO if you are also trying to do web design, social media, TV commercials, and print media. We recognize the value that those channels can provide and integrate learnings and data from those channels. But SEO is very complicated. It involves many factors beyond just keywords and meta data. As such, to be truly proficient, one must dedicate all of their time to this discipline. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be part of an omnichannel marketing initiative. We understand these other elements help your business, but we focus hard on organic customer acquisition and then share these learnings with other marketers in your organization.


Our Philosophy

SEO can be a never-ending bull market. SEO can provide unlimited growth. There is no end to the amount of potential customers it can yield given time and resources. Long-term SEO campaigns, done correctly, will become your greatest and most profitable source of acquisition. With the correct approach and resources, it never has to end. Done correctly, SEO can be relied upon for lifetime revenue generation. Our mantra can be summed up as follows: MARKET RESEARCH + CONSUMABLE INFORMATION + CREDIBILITY = UNLIMITED VISIBILITY


Our Approach

Our formula is simple:

  • We work for a small group of highly successful marketing teams.
  • We focus experienced marketers and engineers on each website.
  • We pursue our clients’ revenue and cost of sales goals with entrepreneurial intensity.


One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to client privacy and confidentiality. We operate discretely. We don’t disclose client names or project information. Trust is a big factor, and we safeguard our clients’ assets and data. It’s part of developing long-term relationships that lead to greater success. Ongoing and previous projects include sectors such as retail/e-commerce, local lead generation, domain trading, travel, and enthusiast categories such as sports, crafts, home & garden, and automotive.


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