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Content Creation Strategy

Our Content Creation Phase will optimize your existing pages and create a plan for new content that will generate more organic traffic.

Keyword Research

An in-depth look into your competitors, industry, and SERP market share. We’ll reverse engineer exactly what the leaders in your space are doing to outrank valuable keywords and absorb organic traffic.


On-page Optimization

Every page gets through a meticulous audit to find optimization opportunities within title, description, body text, URL slug, structure, and more. This process is made to outperform your competitors and get higher in SERP for valuable keywords.

Keyword Gap Analysis

A proprietary research tool that pulls in your competitors’ keywords and crosswalks against yours. From there, we can see the “gaps” in your website and can identify what your competitors are doing that you’re not. These keywords are then used as seeds to generate topics for content creation.

Content Calendar & Topic Ideation

We will cherry-pick the keywords from the gap analysis to create a series of topics. These topics are shared with you for approval before we start blowing out the SEO metrics.

Detailed Content Briefs

The whole research and findings concentrated in a “coloring book” for a copywriter to create a page copy that will outperform your competitors. Each page we target on your website will have detailed specifications, including keywords, titles, metadata, slug, number of images, and more.