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steve clark
Steve Clark, Owner

Hello! I’m the owner of Clark Optimization. I function as the Chief SEO Strategist, where I oversee the strategy and implementation of all search engine optimization campaigns.

Approach to SEO

I love SEO because it’s the only marketing discipline that combines creativity with advancements in technology. It’s truly a combination of left brain and right brain thinking. As such, I find it personally fulfilling and exciting. There is nothing better than coming up with cool ideas that produce actual growth for a website.

Every project provides a chance to learn something new about a business and meet people from all walks of life. This is what keeps my mind fresh and gets me excited to work for your business. Every campaign is a personal learning opportunity, and this is why I think it is the best job anyone could have.

While I love the creative ideation involved in growth and strategic thinking, SEO success is defined by neutral and verifiable metrics. You either grow or you don’t. There is no better satisfaction than seeing an up-and-to-the-right trend in organic traffic in Google Analytics.


I have a big agency background. Prior to Clark Optimization, I worked with Razorfish, an interactive agency that was acquired by Microsoft. I was responsible for the optimization of websites for clients in various verticals such as finance, publishing, home decor, airlines, pharmaceutical, telecom, and travel. I oversaw SEO campaigns for companies such as Carnival Cruise Lines, AT&T, Northwest Airlines, BellSouth, Waterfont Media, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. My SEO campaigns have been recognized through industry publications and awards.

I loved working for a big agency, but I started Clark Optimization so I could focus more on a smaller, select group of clients. At Clark Optimization, we don’t take on everything that comes our way. We want to partner long-term with companies that are serious about SEO. SEO takes time and attention to detail, and you can’t get results bouncing from project to project. Clark Optimization allows me to dedicate my time to long-term initiatives where I can demonstrate value and ROI for the long haul, not to mention creating relationships with clients that go beyond the typical agency deliverables of ranking reports and monthly phone calls. We like to get involved, know your staff, come to your office, understand your pain points, and share in your growth.

We also run a few of our own websites that generate tons of traffic in various competitive verticals. We put our strategies and tactics to the test in these environments away from our client sites. This is just one way that we stay ahead of the game and push the limits of SEO. It’s a great way to apply the learnings (good and bad) to our clients.

My roots are in web development and content management systems. I started off in life as a PHP and ASP programmer (not including a stint in microbrewing). I have been doing SEO, e-commerce, and internet marketing for 20 years.

Before that, I worked for the New York Life Insurance Company, where I was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Using natural search engine optimization, my team increased revenues through online lead generation by 38%.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Colgate University.

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