Educational Website Launch Case Study

Website Launch Case Study:

SEO and Blog Content Strategy for Cold Site Launch

We worked with for about 6 weeks leading up to their cold site launch on February 1, 2022. Our team consulted through the design and launch process, created and implemented a content strategy producing content for core landing pages and 60+ long-form blog posts based on existing study materials and brand new research, and conducted a link-building campaign which resulted in 16 SEO-friendly backlinks from relevant sites in the education space over the course of five months.

Organic Traffic over First 7 Months: organic traffic growth in first 7 months

February 2022 – 72 organic sessions (Baseline)
March 2022 – 371 organic sessions (+415% MOM)
April 2022 – 489 organic sessions (+32% MOM)
May 2022 – 980 organic sessions (+100% MOM)
June 2022 – 2,121 organic sessions (+116% MOM)
July 2022 – 3,059 organic sessions (+44% MOM)
August 2022 – 4,834 organic sessions (+58% MOM)

In the 6 months after the launch of, we grew organic traffic by 6,614%.

Key Optimizations:

  • Consulted with design team to make sure site architecture, URL structure, and page elements are SEO-friendly
  • Created keyword-rich meta tags, headings, and image alt attributes for all landing pages
  • Built out content for 5 main landing pages and 50 blog posts at launch
  • Produced 10 more blog posts shortly after site launch
  • Acquired 16 relevant, SEO-friendly backlinks pointing to in 5 months